You ARE the Wildflower, Beautiful, Free and Unstoppable

With Shannon Knight

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To all amazing women,

My mission in life is to inspire and coach women who want to break through a limited belief system – a mindset that has held them back from seeing their authentic beauty.  I am ready to coach you on how to allow your heart and soul to lead you on this mission of discovering your unique life purpose.  

I am passionate about showing you how to embrace your rare and special inner beauty. Many of you love what you do, but feel you have a much more passionate purpose in life that you can’t quite figure out.  

You may have even been through adversity and lost sight of how magnificent you are because of rough roads and obstacles that have gotten in your way. 

Like a wildflower growing in the most adverse conditions…

You find wildflowers on the roughest terrain – mountainsides, desert, and even sprouting up through a crack in the city sidewalk.  Nothing stops wildflowers from flourishing! You’ve had your adversities and can discover your own beauty because of what you have endured.  Your inner beauty has the power to inspire and change other lives. Are you that wildflower?

~One Wildflower

Shannon Knight