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Shannon is an incredibly insightful and inspirational woman who advocates for others with every breath. She can relate to you in your weakest, darkest moments because she’s been there… then she can arm you with the hope, knowledge, courage and the validation of her own living proof that you may have been victimized, but you can become the Victor and architect of your own life. She is a champion of, and to, others, but more importantly, Shannon inspires us to become our own. Her story of pain, abuse, illness, fear, loss, challenge, change, gratitude, courage, strength, tenacity, survival, resilience, compassion, education, benevolence, love and success will have you believing in miracles… ESPECIALLY your own❤️

~ H.R.

Shannon Knight is simply one of the most incredible women I have ever met! Several years ago, in our initial meeting, she entered a room of women. Her energy just blew me away. Since that time, I have learned Shannon also is a truly compassionate and wise person. To see her give of herself through One Wildflower Life Coaching is more evidence of the Universe guiding a true angel to the pathways of so many who will benefit from her knowledge, wisdom (through personal experience), and empathy. She has dedicated her life to improving the journey of others. I feel blessed to know Shannon.

 ~ C.S.

Speaking with Shannon was extremely helpful for me. I immediately felt like I’ve known her for a long time. She truly related to my situation and had many wonderful suggestions to help me work through some of my fears and uncertainties. Her life experiences have definitely led her down the right path. I look forward to continuing down this path with Shannon and utilizing her knowledge and wisdom to work through the obstacles I currently have. Thank you, Shannon, for taking the time to meet with me and for listening.

~ D.D.

Shannon is always gentle and kind, but with wisdom beyond her years and compassion even when she has things going on in her life. Her passion for helping women never stops and her heart for this life coaching for women comes through the journey her life has taken. I appreciate all that Shannon has done to help me get through a difficult family dynamic during a painful time in my life. 

In working with Shannon through One Wildflower Life coaching, she was always very kind and genuine. Dealing with matters of the heart, in particular struggling with illness when both myself and my mom were going through difficult life decisions, she always seemed to have the right words. Her gentle nature and caring spirit are unmatched!
~ S.R.

One of the few people to ever have survived a stage 4 cancer diagnosis of any kind much less of breast and lung cancer. A devoted human being to helping which includes listening, coaching, respecting and guiding light to those of us In a dark often cold world.
Shannon is well versed and extremely compassionate when it comes to accepting and supporting the decisions cancer patients make. Shannon through her own personal experience is a testament of the faith and hope the alternative medicine route requires and at the same time the respect and the dignity one deserves in the choices they make and also she’s a guide to loved ones dealing with emotional tough times.

How do you love and support one’s decision when it’s not the decision you would choose for them?

That’s one hell of a tough question. Shannon sheds light on all these scenarios and issues and questions and provides answers in hope and compassion. As much as cancer touches our lives and the lives of people around us, everybody should hear her story and should know there is light at the end of the tunnel and there is hope and there are answers we can all embrace and accept to help us get through it.

~ L.R.

I am blessed to have found Shannon. Her life coaching literally saved my life! Shannon Knight is an answer to pray for me 💜 When I reached out to her during a time of crisis she gently helped me find hope, courage, and both physical and emotional healing. 😊  She is my hero!She helped me realize that I deserve health and happiness and she helped me learn how to achieve both. I’m still on that journey and so fortunate to have Shannon to walk with me through the uncertain times and celebrate the victories. She is very generous with her wisdom and love  Thank you sweet earth angel !

~ T.M.O.

Especially when you are going through tough times in your life, you truly need a light to ĺead you out of the daŕkness. Nothing is darker than a diagnosis of Stagè 4 cancer. Shannon is that person. Always encouràging and positive and sharing her light with those who need it. She is truly an angel on earth. Thank you Shannon.

~ B.G.

The emotional healing  that One Wildflower Life coaching brings is the crucial piece.  Even thru stage 4 and abusive man.and that gives me hope.much love you are pure inspiration and have impacted me.  I feel like my doctors miss.THIS!  I’ve been praying for total restorative healing. I’m praying for healing emotionally because it is one of my biggest issues and I think one of my biggest roadblocks to healing this cancer. Some days I’m at peace and then other days I’m crying because I can’t find right bananas in any of the stores that I go to. 

~ M.D.

Shannon’s coaching is incredible, her insight, and compassion is so remarkable. She has a wealth of knowledge, and shares her experiences in a way, that makes you feel comfortable and inspired for you to continue your own journey.

~ S.D.

I met Shannon several years back while looking for advice for cancer treatment. Shannon used her life experiences (and life coaching experience) to give me some tools I desperately needed, and they were invaluable. I am grateful for Shannon’s passionate service to cancer patients and their families. She has kept the promise she made to God on that beach so many years ago. So grateful, thank you.

~ M.S.

Shannon has the biggest heart and radiates the brightest light of anyone I know. She has been so generous when sharing her knowledge, experience, wisdom and time to support me on my journey back to health. I am so grateful to have Shannon there lovingly supporting me along the way. I honestly feel anything is possible! With all my heart, thank you 💖

Shanon has so much to share and give to those who are scared with cancer.  She is giving hope when may be others might be feeling like there isn’t any! She is just a Great Inspiration To us all!❤️


Shannon has so much to share and give to those who are scared with cancer.  She is giving hope when may be others might be feeling like there isn’t any! She is just a Great Inspiration To us all!❤️


Healing from breast cancer for me has mostly to do with emotional healing
Like how I talk to myself
Thankful Shannon knows this and has the personal experience to help others
She is a blessing from Jesus.

Wow! Free 30 min Life coaching session with the lovely Shannon Knight
Since then, we’ve been working together for a few months
And it has helped bring so much peace and contentment

~ E.H.

I met Shannon in Las Vegas when she did a speaking engagement this year, What a Beautiful Soul and 💓 She Has,

I talked with her about my story, and like she said, “We all have a atory to tell! You never know who might need to hear it!”
So, do Like Shannon tell your story!
Thank You Shannon For Waking Me Up!
Much Love

  Dr. L

Successful role models can be such influencers and bright lights in our lives – and Shannon Knight eloquently owns that description. Her ability to connect and counsel struggling souls has come from victoriously surviving a life that she readily shares as faith and gratitude.
Shannon reminds us what the resiliency of an unbreakable human spirit can accomplish.
She has played a key role in transforming the attitudes of healthy alternative cancer treatments and in debunking existing stereotypes about the role of women in these fields. Her passion and charisma are evident in her videos as she tenderly walks you through her life’s journey and her mission to help those affected by domestic violence and cancer.
It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you will find information, inspiration and hope within this website.