Hi, I'm Shannon Knight!

Thank you for visiting One Wildflower Life Coaching.  As a certified life coach I want to share with you a little bit of why I started my unique coaching program for women of all ages!  I am a mother of two grown children a son and a daughter and I have 5 beautiful grandchildren.  I have been through adversity in my life which inspired me and started me on a God-inspired path to helping women heal themselves emotionally.  I have faced many challenges that were traumatic.  Some of the circumstances were because of the choices I made and others were out of my control.   I have learned a more compassionate approach to understanding that what happens to us is not what defines us.  I have faced divorce and custody battles, sexual assault and was a victim of a stalker for 2 years.  For my safety, I had to relocate, change my name, social security number and break ties with any family, friends. It was a struggle trying to gain new employment with my new identity because I was not permitted to provide references for previous work or my education. 

Starting a new life was traumatic and I was afraid quite often.  For the first two years of that time, I had no automobile.  My difficult circumstances taught me so much about my own abilities that had not been tapped into yet and I did not begin to realize that until August 2009 when I was able to return to my hometown safely.  It was difficult adjusting emotionally because I had flashbacks and triggers which were symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). 

It's not shocking to me that I had a recurrence of breast cancer stage 4 now with metastasis to my bones and all lobes of my lungs.  I began to realize how emotional trauma can impact our physical health and until we heal that brokenness we are not fully healing our bodies.   I had been to plenty of counselors in the last 2 decades and it felt good to have someone listen to me but I was not guided into taking real action in healing my emotional wounds. 

I wanted to offer an additional component to healing emotionally.  I don't replace therapists and I think many women are missing something else that One Wildflower Life Coaching offers, which is self-awareness in women and an opportunity to do some very proactive emotional healing.  I am certain that when we face adversity we have a choice to use that lesson, not just for ourselves but to help others.  Getting certified and continuing my education over the years as a life coach was important but more importantly, all that I endured is what brought me the experience and empathy that I feel is necessary to coach women well. 

 Is One Wildflower Life Coaching right for me?

  If you have faced adversities and challenges, whether it has been in health, business or relationships, if you feel there is more to your life than where you are or have been. If you are a woman who is trying to balance the energy and nurturing you give to others with your own self-care and want to discover more of your life purpose than this is the place for you among many other women, who I endearingly refer to as wildflowers.  

Gain self-compassion and a new perspective on your past emotional pain

Starting today with a free 30-minute consultation so you can find out if we can work together.  You will learn techniques to find out what is holding you back from taking those forward steps to happiness, self-compassion, and a restored spirit.   You can discover how all that you have endured has not damaged you.  You have been on a courageous path that only true heroines get put through to discover their greatest strengths. 

One Wildflower Life Coaching will reveal new insight and you will gain a new perspective on just how amazing you are in spite of all you went through.  Your heart leads you whether it is closed and protective or open and ready to grow in the most empowering and inspiring way.  Your destiny is now and you can live with passion and joy once again.

You are like a wildflower growing in the most adverse conditions! 

Wildflowers blossoming on the roughest terrain, mountainsides, desert and even sprouting up through a crack in the city sidewalk.  Nothing stops them from flourishing!

You are a wildflower, and we are many!

Shannon Knight 


You deserve a joyful, and abundant life!

Design a life you love and choose a package of sessions perfect for you! 


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