Happy New Year! 2017 truly was a special year for me. I feel like I was able to hear my inner voice loud and clear,
and I really listened to it. I took time off when I needed to, pushed myself to try new things, and
worked really hard developing One Wildflower Coaching for all of my wildflowers to join
together and grow. I can’t wait to accomplish my goals in 2018, but I want to take a minute to
reflect on what my favorite moments of the past year are. I originally wanted to make a list of
my five favorite moments, but I just couldn’t narrow it down – eight will have to do ?

Top 8 Moments of 2017
1. Blessed with the keys to move into a new house last year for my birthday. I got the keys on my birthday! This house gives me space to dance. It’s my favorite body movement and form of expression, and I have never been able to do it freely until I moved to this
2. Swimming and dancing again!
3. My family reunion – getting together with everyone. We are all getting older and can’t
take each other for granted. We have to make the time for each other because when we
do, it’s always really special.
4. Seeing my son, grandkids, and my daughter – really spending time with them,
setting up that intentional time and being present and soaking every moment in.
5. Putting my head on my daughter’s tummy and feeling my grandchild in her
6. Going to the beach at sunset. Looking at the ocean, watching the sun sink, and realizing
that we are in a universe that is so much bigger than us. Just feeling the vastness
of our planet and what’s around us that we don’t get to touch but we get to look at. What a blessing!  “this is our gift,” being able to walk on the beach, listen to the
ocean, and have time to reflect.
7. Speaking at an engagement in Temecula where we said the pledge of allegiance, prayed and all sang a song before speakers began their presentations!. It was so joyful and
playful, but we really meant it when we sang, “if you’re happy and you know it, then
your life will really show it.” Because it will and it does.
8. All of the wonderful firsts I had with nature – seeing fireflies, hearing cicadas, being in new
environments. It really was incredible!
2017 really was a great year, and I am so appreciative of all the blessings I received in new friendships and community! It seems as
though time flies by even faster as the years go on. We are already almost done with January,
but I want to share some of my goals with you in hopes that you will share some of yours with
me. I love making resolutions at the beginning of the year because there’s something truly
symbolic and refreshing of putting away the old calendar and starting a brand new year.
I think resolutions are great, but they are more likely to work when we have someone that we
love to help hold us accountable – an accountability partner if you will. Think of One Wildflower as your first accountability partner – that’s what is so great about life coaches, after
all. They help you keep track of your goals, as well as your progress. Don’t be afraid to add in a
few accountability partners – I like to think of it as my “knights at the roundtable.” Just as
businesses have boards of directors, you are your own business and having a few close loved
ones help you in different ways will push you to succeed.With that being said, here are my top four goals for 2018:

  1. Pray upon awakening and before going to sleep as well as writing in my journal and reading inspirational devotionals.
  2.  Publish my books. (My Gratitude journal is being released)
  3.  Spend more time with family. I’ve gotten better at this in the past year, but I want to do
    even better this year. The time with them is so precious.
  4. Get more women to join together. Wildflowers together – there is power in numbers and I really want women
    to know their worth and their value, and to cultivate a community of love and
    acceptance and support.


What are some of your favorite memories from the past year?