Learning about love has been a journey, including self-compassion.

Being in love is when everything is right – the chemistry, compatability which includes same belief and values. Love is not about what can I get it is the desire of each person wanting to make the other person happy, instead of just filling the hole in your heart with what they’ve got to give.

True love is where both people want to expand each other’s heart with trust, love, and joy. They create a safe place for each other to be open about the past journey and future goals. When the rose-colored lenses come off, we see each other’s imperfections, and their honest intentions to grow throughout their life path. True love isn’t just the “Oh my gosh, this is the perfect guy. he’s so good to me.” True love accounts for the, “But, am I great to him, if he is so great to me” True love means, “Are we both mutually looking for ways to show our love to each other?” I hope so.

With true love, we forgive; we don’t punish. There’s no passive-aggressiveness. We forgive each other because we know that we are both broken – everyone is broken to some degree, especially at my age. So, when you come across an area where you’re weak and you falter, that person who loves you says they are willing to allow you some room to repair, restore, and grow, and allow that love to still come in. And vice versa, because it’s a two- way street. It’s the closest you can get to truly being unconditional in your love.

We know that we aren’t the perfect soul or spirit that can go without flaws. Two people that love each other know that they both love so deeply. And they know that so well that they don’t take advantage of it or use it against each other. They actually try to love each other well and with their whole being. That to me is chemistry, compatibility, physical attraction and feeling joyful around each other. And most importantly, both of your souls are on the same path.


That, to me, is true love.